Work Is No Longer A Place

Welcome to our blog series A Day in the Life of where we'll be introducing you to digital nomads working and travelling around the world. Today, meet Vera in Tenerife.

Buenos dias

I wake up at 6:45 and not because I have to – I don’t use an alarm. But since I don’t have to be at an office at a fixed time I mostly wake up sometime between 6:30 and 7:30. I get up and enjoy the view of mountains and ocean. It’s too early to get out for breakfast – all bars and cafes are still closed at this time. So I go back in and start working, and I’ll generally use this time to get an overview of the days tasks and set priorities. My job as a Virtual Assistant is never the same two days in a row.

Work is no longer a place

Most days I prefer to work from home. When I finish the first 2–3-hour block of work early in the morning, I’ll go and have a break and some breakfast at the cafe just next to my apartment. While having the same Barraquito (a special coffee from Tenerife that I got really addicted to) and sandwich as usual, I write emails and catch up with friends.

Today I’ll have a shorter break here, as I’m heading over to a coworking space about a 20 minute bus ride away from the town I’m in. Thats what I love about my job – that I can decide where and when to work. I hardly ever take a day off but I create my days just as I feel – as long as I fulfill my deadlines. It means I can go to the gym when its not that crowded, or I can spend the afternoon at the beach and continue work afterwards. Most days I work 2-3 hours followed by longer breaks and then another working session. I plan my week ahead with appointments for my workouts, my Spanish classes and days at the coworking spaces.

Coworking in the Sun

That’s the name of the coworking space in Puerto de la Cruz and definitely true for Tenerife. I had never planned on staying on this island for more than two years but the all year sunshine, awesome beaches and lovely people make it hard to leave. I must admit Puerto de la Cruz is not my favorite place on the island but the people and coworking spaces available make up for it.

Today I’m here to join a workshop about Facebook Marketing. After the workshop I stay at the space to get some more work done. For me it’s sometimes hard to stay focused at coworking offices but it’s also nice to meet other nomads and exchange. But on days when my workload is heavy, I prefer to work from home and not get distracted.


Routines & Finding Happiness

On the way back I enjoy the sunset with friends. I get up early, have a work focused morning, go to the gym, have a quick lunch at home and continue working till late. If I feel like I need to have a break to step outside my apartment I will go for a coffee or to the gym, on Friday evenings I’ll go to my favourite bar. Most days I stick to this schedule and just take longer breaks on Sundays where I go to the beach to read and relax.

Not much is needed to find happiness and a work routine on this island. Even when your work days are so busy that you can’t make it to the beach everyday – you know there’s always tomorrow to enjoy.

Vera with Laptop

On the road

I also learned I needed to take my routines on the road. If it’s just visiting friends on the other half of the island for some days, going to Germany to see my mum or travelling in Thailand. I set up my work routine first and get my most important work done early in the morning, before I can start taking longer breaks and exploring my new workspace.

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