Are Nomads emotionally available?

Being nomadic means finding freedom in movement and leading a life independent from any one location. As more and more people make this lifestyle choice, we're inquisitive about how this affects other parts of our life experience. Today, we explore the effects on romantic relationships with Aline Dahmen.

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Are Nomads emotionally available?

This was the question I put to my Facebook group ‘Nomad Soulmates’; an app for single nomads and likeminded people who work and travel. It was one of the most popular posts and made me realise that this was a real pain point for so many of us.

The difference between being open minded and opening up

Every nomad knows how special it is to meet different people from all over the world on their travels. So often it seems to be super easy to randomly talk to people and then end up heading for lunch with a bunch of new friends you’ve just met. How cool is that?!

It is exciting, easy and fun for the moment but it’s a fast living experience as nomads come and go. Being open minded is not the problem; its finding the ‘someone’ to open your heart to that throws up the real challenges.

Digital nomad couple in Budapest

Geneviève & Nick in Budapest, Hungary:

One of the comments under the post explained that it felt easier to open up your heart while traveling instead of back at home, and I can see where this comes from.


Traveling is an incredible journey with a lot of extreme up and downs. You get out of your comfort zone, you reach out for bigger goals and you meet inspiring people with a similar mindset.

That experience can bind us together because we feel we speak the same language. A language that isn’t English, Portuguese or Russian; but a language of leaving, learning, growing, experiencing and returning back to yourself.

Back home, people may speak our language without speaking our language.

So how do we do it? How do we open up to emotional availability and let love in?

Being Available (to yourself & others)

1. Love yourself first

I believe being emotionally available for others requires honesty with yourself.

Sometimes people run away from something and avoid their true subconscious or conscious feelings.

People who travel experience this often; changing their location and figuring out later that their actual situation didn’t change at all.

Being available for someone else is much harder when you don’t have a free mind.

How can you love someone if you don’t love yourself 100%?

It took me a couple of TEDx speeches and several life experiences to fully understand this, as well as a lot of time actively implementing it into my daily life.

Being in love with you starts with small things: treating yourself to delicious food, being around likeminded people, traveling to places where you feel great… having these experiences helps you enjoy who you are, whether you’re single or not.

Single Travelling Nomad

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In the end, the journey is not to find someone that loves you, but to learn that if you truly love yourself and are consciously available to yourself nothing else matters.

2. Save some time for yourself

I’m building networks, so I’m naturally a very social person and I’m constantly meeting people which is one of my passions; but if I don’t save some time for myself it could easily bring me out of balance.

It’s good to have some private time to stay grounded and happy.

You can do such simple things to create this time for yourself and anything from staying in bed all day having breakfast to letting yourself cry to feel better to taking a walk can work. The goal is to find out how to be alone with yourself enjoying your own company.

3. Being in the moment

Being truly in the moment is one of the best things we can do.

And feeling that another person or a group of people are enjoying the same moment just as much as you are is an amazing feeling.

Being present and experiencing that together can lead to a lot more of those moments. It is a special gift that you give and receive and something you can both enjoy at the same time.

Waking up to a location independent lifestyle
Will work if necessary

From left to right: Nick & Steph from Home Sweet Globe; Marcus & Feli from DNX Global; Mike & Michelle.

One of my favourite comments under the post was this one:

“Opening your heart to someone might be scary at first but it is the most rewarding journey that you can put yourself on.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

Nomad Soulmates Founder Aline Dahmen

Nomad Soulmates founder, Aline Dahmen.

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