Honouring Your Truth

Welcome to our A Day in the Life of series, where we introduce you to digital nomads working and travelling around the world. Today, Kristel is in Denmark, talking about rejecting convention and rediscovering her natural rhythm since leaving the corporate world.

Good Morning: Where Am I?

I open my eyes and try to remember where I am. Lately it’s been between Hawaii, Sydney, and most recently Bali, so for a second I have to remind myself that I am back home in Denmark.

Ah, I hear them now. The birds chirping outside the window.

No scooters. No roosters.

I am definitely in Denmark.

I feel grateful, happy and safe.

I can work from anywhere, so I do. But yesterday my feet touched Danish soil and arriving here will always feel like arriving home.

I walk downstairs to have breakfast and I start my morning at my own pace, like always.

I never schedule appointments in the mornings. Not if I can avoid it.

I have found that coaching a client or doing an interview first thing in the morning creates an imbalance in my life. So I honour my me-time and after an hour or two, I feel totally prepared to take on the day.

What’s on my agenda? Newsletter, coaching call, check-in with the members of my tribe, reading, reflecting on my strategies, website tweaks, follow-ups with potential clients and building relationships.

My mind starts to wander and a new big idea starts to shape itself in my mind. Stop. I need to focus.

I write my idea down so I can put it away and get back to work. The most challenging aspect of being my own boss has always been to control and manage my creative flow. As I’ve learnt to focus, I’ve grown much faster without having to work harder.


Natural Rhythms and Rediscovering Midday

I’ve never enjoyed working 8-10 hours straight, which is why I hated the corporate world. I was good at my job and I endured it by numbing myself and working hard, but it was so far from the life that I wanted that it felt suffocating.

At the beginning of my business, I found myself doing the exact same thing. Working non-stop. It’s what I was programmed to do! But with time, I finally understood that listening to my mind and body and being unapologetic about my own needs was so much more effective.

So I started to honour my natural rhythm without feeling guilty about it.

And my first task as my own CEO was to give myself a mid-day break.

Honouring my mid-day dip in energy levels not only made me feel empowered and free, but I could feel my happiness and productivity rising dramatically.

Falling in love with afternoons and feeling alive

After my mid-day break, I have phone calls with my friends and clients in the US and Canada. This is my favourite part of the day because my admin tasks are done and I get to do what I do best: to guide and hold people accountable in changing their own lives. This is when I feel the most alive!3images1


Work is done and I go for a run. I usually run in the forest or on a beach to watch the sun set. If there’s no beach nearby or if I am in a very humid climate, I prefer to stay in and do yoga. I am never rigid about my work out regime. My work demands most of my self discipline and willpower, so I take it easy on myself. I love running and doing yoga so it comes naturally to me to choose one of these two, but I’m not super strict about this and I feel comfortable giving myself a break if I’m not in the mood. I have high expectations of myself when it comes to excelling at my craft, so I am kind to myself in most other areas of life.

At night, I contemplate and feel grateful to be in a position where I can make smart decisions about my life. As my own boss I know that it is all up to me to create a good and sustainable life and I feel grateful to be able to handle that type of responsibility. I am up for the task because the rewards are far greater than anything I’ve ever experienced in any other job.


Finding My Truth

I always knew that I didn’t want to follow the conventional path. And when I graduated with a Master’s Degree and people told me that they hoped I had cherished my freedom as a student because “real life” was about to begin, I knew deep down that this truth was not going to apply to me. I wasn’t going to accept it.

And who knew that refusing something so stubbornly would lead me to Bali, driving a scooter through rice fields or to Oahu, swimming with cute sea turtles? No one told me that this was an option. I had to find out for myself.

So let me ask you this: is there something you can’t accept either? Something you know is not going to be your truth? My advice is this: honour that part of yourself, because it is a clear indication that you are supposed to live life differently. You are meant to pave the way for others and show them how it is done.

So my suggestion is that you make the right choice now.

You will not regret it.

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