Freedom Fits In The Schedule

Welcome to our A Day in the Life of series, where we introduce you to digital nomads working and travelling around the world. Today meet Geneviève, currently roaming between Europe & South-East Asia.

An Organic Morning

To be honest, I can’t wake up before 8 am. But the beauty of my lifestyle is that I can actually afford to stay in bed a little bit longer than anybody else. On the other hand, my husband and partner Nick is up 1 or 2 hours before me. Weirdo.

I wake up, take the time I need to feel fully awake and then, optimally, do 20–35 minutes of yoga. It helps me centre myself to start my day. I love a moment of solitude before connecting with the world. Wherever that is.

Freedom Fits In The Schedule

Nothing fancy there, just a few hours before lunch where I can crunch some solo work. It could be project management, social media engagement or graphic design, depending on my mood. But that’s only from Wednesday to Friday. If it’s Monday morning, I have meetings with Nick and our developer. If it’s Tuesday, I have podcast prep to do with Nick to be able to record in the evening. We have a pretty solid schedule for digital nomads, but we firmly believe that structure brings freedom.

My schedule is organized by themed days. We’ve tried going YOLO and splitting days in two blocks, in order to work in the AM and play in the PM. But truly, what works for us is to go all in and choose one or the other.

I don’t live my ideal lifestyle yet. If it were only up to me, I’d work 10 hours a week. That’s it. I crave discoveries and sunny days. Working as much as I do only allows me a portion of what I need. Still, choosing a nomadic life gives me the opportunity to explore a new city each time I go outside, even if it’s just to do groceries or find my next office for the day.

Waking up to a location independent lifestyle
Will work if necessary

Staying Healthy On the Road

Nick and I make health a big part of our lifestyle. I personally have an allergy to casein (milk protein) and an intolerance to corn. Nick is also intolerant to milk and gluten. So you can guess that feeding ourselves is tricky, depending on which city we’re in. Europe is pretty easy, Asia definitely less. They hide gluten, whey and MSG everywhere.

So for lunch, we tend to eat at home too. I prepare myself a gigantic salad with everything I can find in the fridge and Nick has an ENORMOUS green smoothie or salad. We eat a lot of vegetables lol.

But sometimes, depending on the schedule of the day, we might get out for lunch. This results in Lots. Of. Excitement. We’ll then put on our detective hats and find the best vegan and gluten-free places to have our midday meal. While we’re fervent carnivores, only these restaurants allow us to eat whatever we want.


Reunion Island Coffee shop in Toronto, Canada

After a satisfying lunch, we head off to a new coffeeshop. Nowadays we’re changing cities every month or so. So we visit A LOT of coffeeshops. I love the fauna & flora. I’m an artist and need an inspiring environment to create. This is why I choose my spots really carefully. What’s the decor like? Do they have great wifi? Do they serve good coffee? To find the perfect pearl, I’ll search on blogs and the WHA (Work Hard Anywhere) app. This is serious business.

Arriving here, we need the perfect spot. I need a lot of light, possibly a view outside so I can to take a few photos for Instagram and only then can I work. Yes, I’m a difficult creature.

My search for the perfect coffeeshop draws me into the city. Or at least a part of it. I know Nimman street in Chiang Mai by heart, just by locating the coffeeshops. The best gluten-free spots in Paris? You guessed it. I know the places. This is how I enjoy visiting cities.

Return To The Nest

We’ve met many digital nomads who treat all evenings equally: a time to go out and meet as many people as possible. Truth be told, we rarely need that. Just the two of us is enough most of the time. We go out once or twice a week, on Friday and Saturday. After all, traveling the world is not a vacation, it’s our life. And we treat it as such.

We do, however, go out for movies quite often. We’re total nerds and like to watch the newest blockbusters on a giant screen. But when there’s nothing good to watch at the theater, we’re the simplest couple there is. We do – of course – love Game of Thrones, like normal people.


Weekend Randomness

Every structured day permits us to have more randomness on the weekends. A 3-day weekend in Chiang Rai to meet a new friend and try scooters for the first time? Yesss. A museum excursion around town in Paris? You bet! A beach day in the Dominican Republic to get a little tan? Sure!

It all depends on our mood and where we are in the world of course. But having the liberty to choose and the opportunity to discover and taste new things on demand is exciting and exactly why we have chosen this lifestyle.

There are still many challenges ahead before achieving my dream lifestyle and working only 10 hours a week. But in the meantime, because I can, I’ll enjoy the world.


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