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Welcome to our A Day in the Life of series, where we introduce you to digital nomads working and travelling around the world. Today in Bali, meet Lukas.

I lost my morning routine somewhere between Bangkok and Bali. The clocks here tick differently.
Bali time.

It’s as if the question of whether to drink a glass of water or meditate first thing in the morning doesn’t matter anymore.

What matters is what you could do in the afternoon, when you’ve finished your work for the day. Whether you do yoga, a CrossFit workout or go surfing. That’s what keeps you going. What keeps you away from Facebook and other life distractions. It’s what lets you finish in six hours what would have previously taken you two days to do.


It’s a Thursday. I’m in Canggu, Bali. In a place that looks like paradise and feels like home.

Always having been an early riser, I wake up at 06:30AM. I love the feeling of waking up without an alarm in the morning. Usually I start working right away. It’s my favourite time in the morning for thinking and working on creative tasks; when the co-working space is still empty, everything is quiet and there are no distractions.

But that’ll have to wait today. I have a date with a friend and the waves at 07:30AM. It’s not like I’m a good surfer. Not even close. I just stood on the board for the first time a couple of weeks ago. But I’m hooked! I want to get better and love to feel the energy of the waves below me. I always felt sceptical about the surfing community. Never understood how those cool, long-haired guys could completely devote themselves to a sport like this. Even though I get you now, I still won’t grow my hair.

On my way back I grab a takeaway coffee at Hungry Bird. I’m quite good at balancing a cup of hot coffee on my scooter at this point.


I’m arriving late at Dojo Coworking today. I’m lucky though and still get a place in one of the AC-rooms. I’m convinced everyone who’s sitting outside of those rooms after 10AM is only watching YouTube videos all day. It’s beyond my imagination how people get actual work done while your brain melts away at 35°C and 80% humidity. Kudos to you, guys!

No client work today! I focus on my own baby, Crohnrevolution.

While my goal was to write some of the initial content, I quickly get lost in small design inconsistencies. Shouldn’t that button be a bit further right? And why isn’t that picture aligning correctly on mobile devices? The curse of being a Frontend Developer working on his own project.

The next time I look up, five hours have passed and I’ve written a total of 700 words. Not exactly how I imagined it. Time to get a Nalu Bowl and chat a little downstairs before getting some more work done. This time, I’m sticking to the actual writing!

It’s four by now and I jump on my bike to drive to S2S CrossFit. I count that as work. Hard work. In this climate you don’t need more than a light warmup to make you sweat like you’ve just finished a marathon.


For someone who enjoys cooking, and has spent a month in Thailand before, Bali is a dream come true. It’s a reclaimed luxury to have a well equipped kitchen and to cook fresh meals every day. I stock up at one of the local markets for the next couple of days, get some steaks at the supermarket and drive back home to cook with some of the people at my shared villa.
Digital Nomad Cooking
We missed the daily sunset and coconut at the beach. Instead we end up having a drink next to the pool after dinner, chatting about life and what brought us to this incredible place. It’s Thursday night and some are leaving for Pretty Poison to sip a gin & tonic while cheering the skaters doing tricks in the empty pool by the bar. Not me though. I’ve got a book to read that I’ve been meaning to finish in the last ten days.


When I arrived here a friend told me:

‘Canggu just makes it so easy to be good to yourself.’

I think she sums up perfectly what makes this place special. Except for the traffic, everyone and everything seems to be a little more relaxed. Whatever sport you want to do, it’s just around the corner. Whether you want to eat out or cook, nothing requires a lot of effort.

In the evenings you walk down to the beach and watch the sunset. If you feel like going out after, there’s always a little something going on. If you want it bigger, you drive to the next town.

You can have me-time by taking a walk on the beach or reading by to the pool. On the weekend you can reward yourself for a busy workweek by doing trips into the heart of the island or to the white beaches in the south.

I first have to earn that, so no messing around tomorrow! Maybe yoga in the morning, but after that only focused work. Let’s just have a little look at the tide-chart before going to bed…

Digital Nomads on the Beach

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