Coworking spaces that suit your lifestyle

I keep hearing nomads bragging about working on the beach, but our lifestyle is about much more than getting sand in your laptop for the next Instagram shot. Working remotely allows us to live close to our passions and spend most of our free time doing what we love.

This year, I’ve planned to experience as many new activities as I can while working full-time all around the world. Luckily, there are so many enthusiastic entrepreneurs opening creative co-working spaces year after year, that staying productive anywhere just keeps getting easier.

Climb & Code

In 2015 I was introduced to rock climbing and I really don’t want to give up on this. The great news is, you can find rocks everywhere in the world; but what about a co-working space, in a rock-climbing gym? That’s exactly the kind of hybrid-world Brooklyn Boulders in Chicago is offering: a work & climb package to embrace your thrill-seeking and productive side.

BOULDERS - Brooklyn Boulders Chicago

Credit: Brooklyn Boulders Chicago

Ski-in, ski-out

You can also now ski-in, ski-out from beautiful locations such as the Ski Locker, which is only 100 meters from the lift in Chamonix. There is also the Network Hub in Whistler or ToolBox in Turin. One of my favourites, Tahoe Mill in Lake Tahoe (image below) is housed in an old ski shop at the bottom of the Alpine Meadows road, where many of the folks working there sneak out for midday ski breaks. The whole winter scenery provides a beautifully calm and slightly-surreal working experience which almost makes me want to skip Asia next year and actually stay for winter!

TAHOE GP Martin Photography

Credit: Tahoe Mill – GP Martin Photography

Work across the ocean

It’s been a while now that I imagine myself living and working from a sailboat. The ultimate independence; no mortgage, no more plane tickets to buy, no more Airbnb’s to book – just me, my boat and a satellite connection. But in the recesses of my mind, I’ve wondered whether that won’t lead me to loneliness.

Coboat, a huge co-working catamaran able to accommodate 20 passengers, has managed to combine this experience with the modern co-working trend. Not only are you able to sail across the ocean, but you will be accompanied by talented web-entrepreneurs to collaborate with on your projects.

COBOAT - Coboat

Credit: Coboat

Scuba with Buddha

It’s no secret that Thailand is a mecca for Digital Nomads and remote workers; with endless cool spots to work from in Chiang Mai and an extremely low cost of living to fulfil a digital nomad lifestyle. Thailand is also a scuba diving hotspot, and if you’re also a big fan of breathing nitrogen under water, there are incredible spaces located in Koh Lanta; Kohub and very recently in Koh Phangan; Beachub. Positioned not far from the reefs, in a really peaceful environment, you can find balance by sharing your office with other nomads and tropical fishes.


Break the waves

As a matter of fact, I’ve actually never tried surfing. As it’s one of the most popular activities for digital nomads, it makes me feel like a pug-less hipster. These days, finding a co-working space near a surfing spot is pretty simple, and plenty have popped up in the past year in various surfing destinations. I’m thinking of Surf Office in Lisbon or Hub in Fuerteventura; in Tenerife, some are even offering Surfing lesson as part of their co-working package.

SURF - Hub Fuerteventura

Credit: HUB Fuerteventura

Give yourself some peace

Remote working doesn’t always have to be in exotic places. Sometimes, I just wish I had some peace and quiet for a week or two with nature, without having to take a flight. In France and Germany, some have taken the opportunity to transform gorgeous country houses into peaceful workspaces surrounded by mountains, horse and sheep. At Mutinerie-Village & Coconat you’ll have the opportunity to be part of community activities, learn permaculture or take walks around a vast expanse of open land. You can do all this whilst also enjoying a stable wifi connection and having the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other digital nomads. Others in Spain have even transformed a convent into an enormous co-working space.

CONVENTO - Stefano Borghi

Credit: Stefano Borghi,

At the end of the day, the real benefit of working remotely is the opportunity to completely integrate your passions with your workflow. This year, find a place that inspires you, grab your laptop and do what you love. No matter what your passion is, you’ll find your ideal location. This is the future of work…

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