Anti Routines On The Road with Claudi Sult

Welcome to A Day in the Life of series, where we introduce you to digital nomads working and travelling around the world. Today in Berlin, meet Claudi.

Anti Routine Morning

No alarm set, waking up around 7.30am each day; a souvenir from corporate life, which I broke up with not too long ago! Shower, uplifting music, healthy breakfast, watching my favorite scene from jOBS – and off to catch some sun.

Usually, morning means “me-time”. I know, all the successful entrepreneurs get up with sunrise, meditate, do sports and pull off their “M.I.T.” until noon. When I started my nomad journey, I really stressed myself to follow them. But you know what? It’s not me. I’m not a routine person. For now, I enjoy my state of organized chaos. There is no typical day in my life. Every day is different – and I love it!


Get out there. Explore. Ride my bike.

Hopping on my vintage bike to turn some laps at one of my favorite places ever – former Tempelhof Airport. It’s now Berlin’s biggest park and is regularly full of cyclists, runners, kite-boarders and happy people! For me, it stands for that spirit of freedom and do-what-you-want-mentality that makes Berlin so special.

Slack message from Enklave Coworking;

Slack Message Claudi

Mmh, sounds tempting… but today, I’ll skip the intimate coworking family vibe and melt into the buzzing crowd at betahaus café. Love to have that change. Off I am, cycling through bustling Neukölln. Short stop at the Turkish Market for a fresh orange juice (for 1 euro!)

Have I already said I love this city?

Cowork: Getting things done.

Time to work! Shoes off, yogic seating position, open the laptop. Today, I’m NOT going to check Trello. It’s a day blocked for my own project. A GreenMe Berlin day. No distractions, no “oh, I’ll just quickly do that short piece of client work”. We all know where that ends… Or maybe just a very quick look? Ok. Open. Baam! Erm… where do all these tasks come from? GreenMe Berlin day? Fail.


Whatever, I’m super motivated from that epic morning – and love my freelance jobs too – so I work off card after card. Writing up content, designing share-worthy pictures, planning social media posts for the week… and suddenly getting lost in Facebook. Who doesn’t do that? The black hole. Maybe it’s time for lunch… Oh, reminder popping up: “The Factory – Fireside Chat with Google”. Cancel lunch and rush over? Nope. Slow down Claudi, gotta skip that one. Too much running from A to B, you’re gonna lose focus.

Break. Connect. Book a flight.

Start checking my mails over lunch. Easy work. It’s also the best time to connect with my friends and fellow nomads – who are mostly still in Asia right now, travelling, having fun in the sun…

Know what? Gotta fix my next trip. Quick decision: join the DNX family in Lemnos this summer. Never done a coworking camp, but this one sounds pretty awesome! Checking flights and, wow, only 78 euros return?! That feeling when you book a flight… and suddenly I’m pulled from my daydreams by the phone.

Connecting people, bringing them to the right places – and hearing how much they loved it is amazing. I’m really passionate about this city and its unique lifestyle, so my biggest reward is to light up that passion in others.


Event clash!

That’s a typical Berlin thing: too many options! Continue working here? Jivamukti Yoga? Opening of that new paleo place and mingling with Berlin’s foodie scene? Train for the half marathon (shit it’s in 1.5 weeks!)? Or check out the Berlin Bicycle Week party? Okay, Bicycle Week it is. Good chance to network, learn and shoot some cool pics for the GreenMe Berlin tribe.

I cycle the way to Mitte. I love being on the move, it’s like my meditation and helps me to clear my mind. Plus, I often have my best ideas while hitting the pedals. Arrived at Gestalten Space, diving into the hip cycling scene, marvelling at those beauties on two wheels, chatting, making new contacts… Two hours are gone. Enough. Need to get out of here and pull off another work session from home. Oh, food! Happy days, Daluma is just around the corner – my brain’s ready for some pure, raw food energy… Coming home. Re-energizing. Get more work done.

Home sweet home

Getting comfy at my desk. Feeling a bit tired so I start with something simple. Adding fresh contacts to my list, scanning newsletters, maps and social media for new places and openings, editing pictures, posting the first news from the BBW party… and slowly feeling the creativity and energy coming back. My head is full of ideas, so I start planning content and structure for my 48hour Berlin guide.

Woops, it’s 1.30am! Where has the day gone? Ok, time to sleep. Excited to wake up tomorrow and keep on moving 🙂

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