418,892 Nomad Checkins

This week we’re rolling out some great additions to Nomadbase. The proof of concept we launched a while back was a success and we’ve really enjoyed getting all your feedback, it’s been invaluable to say the least.

On the design front, we quickly realised that the initial blue/green design we had was limiting in many ways. In the past weeks, we’ve expanded this to be more neutral and less opinionated. This has allowed us to have a stronger foundation to work from as well as provide better nomad visualisations. You would have seen these changes roll out at the beginning of the week.

Below: Cities around the world with nomads in them.

Digital Nomad Map

We now have 418,892 data points. This has quickly turned our map into a sandbox of ideas as we’ve begun experimenting with various visualisations.

One of these, is a map of your entire travel history (assuming it’s been captured by the various social platforms we connect too). If you recently added a new social platform, please allow for a couple hours to back-fill your history (but it’s generally pretty quick). We’re also continuing to solve a number of the edge cases (where your personal map is showing something incorrectly).

Below: Your past and future travels.

Personal Travel History Map

We have a lot more coming your way as we continue to expand the feature-set and team.

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