Follow 200 digital nomads on a transatlantic cruise to Lisbon!

Did you hear about the incredible Nomad Cruise that happened last year? Starting in Spain and ending in Brazil, a 12 day cruise ship travelled through the Atlantic with 100 digital nomads. It’s happening again this May 28th, with another 200 nomads leaving from Columbia to Portugal, and Nomadbase is joining onboard!

What is Nomad Cruise?

Nomad Cruise is a global voyage for digital nomads organised by WebWorkTravel. It aims to gather like-minded individuals – and a portion of the digital nomad community – together to promote and explore location independence.

This is the first time so many location independent individuals (200 in total!) will be traveling and working together while crossing the Atlantic. We’ll be attending workshops, exchanging ideas and growing as individuals while promoting the freedom of location independence. This is huge!

As well as traditional cruise facilities and highlights (sunset over the ocean, anyone?) nomads onboard can look forward to unique opportunities to connect, learn, grow and play.

We want everybody to see this inspiring movement of different people coming together to explore a more creative lifestyle. So we’ve built a public feature so anyone can follow the Nomad Cruise journey in real-time on the Nomadbase map.

Everyday, from May 28th until June 9th, you’ll be able to  follow the Nomad Cruise ship as it crosses the Atlantic from Cartagena to Lisbon. You’ll discover who’s onboard and what digital nomads do for a living to sustain their location independent lifestyle!


Nomadbase was built as an experiment by digital nomads looking for solutions to their own unique needs. We want to make the community more visible by showing the places we come together in real-time. This will be a first for the community and the first opportunity for visualising such a huge number of nomads moving on a world map.

Catch us cruising!

Nomadbase is a private digital nomad network. For the first time, and built exclusively for Nomad Cruise, you’ll be able to follow the boat without needing to connect on the platform.

Sneak a peek at the cruise while it moves across the Atlantic between May 28th to June 9th only; once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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